Our 1st worst day

2017 December 16

Created by Ian and Becky 4 years ago

On 16th December our day started as usual with visits from family and friends.

Soph would not settle all day, she was irritable and colicky from around 11.

Wasn't interested in her next bottle still very colicky.

After she has some milk she finally got some sleep.

An hour or two later we checked on her and she has lost all of her colour and was grey

Ian took her straight to A&E at Queens Medical centre and although we was alert enough to look at her Daddy as he got her out of the car she quickly too a turn for the worse as the doctors examined her.

This was going to be a long night.

Soph has sepsis and needed urgent medications to control her heart rate, blood pressure and to fight the infection.

I was told to call Becky in to the hospital so that Bella could be checked over but also because we were now looking at how long Soph would survive.