2017 December 20 - 26

Created by Ian and Becky 4 years ago

We safely arrived at Rainbows and were immediately made to feel comforted and reassured that they would make sure our time with them was as "easy" as possible.

There is so much we have said about Rainbows to how they treated all of us, me, Becky, Bella, Soph and our families that visited. They made sure we wanted for nothing.

This is a few things they did for us but not everything.

When they found out it was Beckys birthday on our first full day there they got her a card, flowers and a present.

They made sure we had Christmas lunch together including presents for both girls and me and Becky this was done on our first day there.

They arranged for a professional photo shoot so we could have pictures of Soph.

We did hand and foot prints of both girls and these were made in to a picture along with our hand prints.

They arranged for casts to be made of both girls hands and feet.

We got to visit Santa

We got to sleep!! this was achieved by the Rainbows staff coming in to our room every 15 minutes to check on Soph for us and promise to wake us if needed.

We got to rest, the Rainbows staff would not let us do anything, from making tea and coffee to washing our laundry.

So many more little things that Rainbows did to make the worst week of our life that little bit easier.